The Montjuic swimming pool in Barcelona

The Bernat Picornell swimming pools, Montjuic, Barcelona, are more popularly known as the pools of Montjuic, and are the most famous swimming pools in the Catalan capital. They’re situated in the Olympic Ring of Montjuic, in Barcelona, and you can easily get to them using bus nº 193.

Opened in 1970, due to the European Swimming Championships; the montjuic pools owe their name to one of the great Catalan swimmers, Bernat Picornell i Richier, who was also a founder of the Spanish Royal Swimming Foundation.

However, the swimming pools in Montjuic reached worldwide fame during the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Various tryouts were held in them, including swimming, synchronised swimming, waterpolo and the modern pentathlon. Who doesn’t remember those spectacular images of athletes jumping on the diving boardwith the city of Barcelona in the background? In more recent times, one of the pools has also featured in a Kylie Minogue video.

Today, the area of the Picornell swimming pools, Montjuic, contains three pools: one covered and two in the open air (one for competitions, and the others for jumps). They’re all available for public use. The facilities in the Montjuic pools also include a gym and saunas, swimming, bodyshape and dance lessons and many more activities. There’s also a slot in the swimming pool timetable reserved exclusively for nudists.

From the 25th of June to the 2nd of September 2012, the Montjuic swimming pools will be open from 11 am to 6 pm. The price for one day is € 5.62, or € 3.87 for children under fourteen and free for children under 6.


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