X Games Barcelona 2013

The Barcelona X Games are back in the city form the 16-19 of May, three days of non-stop action featuring some of the best riders and skaters as they push themselves and their equipment in an attempt to overcome the limits and pull off bigger, higher more spectacular tricks.

Montjuic Mountain offering spectacular views across the city of Barcelona will be the site of the Barcelona X Games 2013 where riders and skaters will compete in Moto X, BMX, Skateboard and Rally.

x games barcelona The signature event of the Moto X is the Feeestyle, the best riders compete in a circuit with earth ramps and kicker that enable the riders to get maximum air time so they can perform their full bag of tricks in order to impress the judges and come away with the prize.

x games bmx The BMX event which most captures the attention of the public is the Street, think of a purpose built Street Park complete with stairs, rails and drops combined with fearless riders who grind, perform rollbacks, jumps and spins using the entire surface of the street park. Garret Reynolds is the man to watch for in this event he has won the last five gold medals in this event and is the reference for other street riders.

barcleona x games skate Skateboard has become a way of life for many and at the Barcelona X games the public has the opportunity to see the best skaters in the world perform unreal grinds, flips and massive air. The vert ramp final is the most spectacular event with skaters using the half-pipe to maximum effect to wow the crowd at the Barcelona X Games 2013.

rally x games bcn Another popular favourite is the rally, drivers six lap race around a dirt and asphalt track, tyres squealing and mud flying as the drivers push the cars to the limit over jumps and around tight corners. Cars even fly over each other in part of the race. A truly spectacular event for all car and race lovers.

The Barcelona X Games 2013 are coming soon. See you there…

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